didier faustino weaves work through magasin centre national d’art contemporain
(above) ‘vortex populi’ | photo by blaise adilon




didier faustino: des corps & des astres
magasin – centre national d’art contemporain, france
now through january 3rd, 2016



from now through january 3, 2016, didier faustino infills magasin, centre national d’art contemporain in grenoble with the exhibition ‘des corps & des astres’ (bodies and stars). curated by reiko setsuda, the show highlights a selection of works created from 2010 to present day, as well as a monumental, site-specific installation titled ‘vortex populi’ that weaves its way through the interior space.

‘vortex populi’ | photo by guillaume viaud




spanning the vast, 1,700m2 art center, the exhibition is modeled on a continuous repetition of hybrid forms and narrations that question the organization of social systems. in this abundance of signs and motifs, faustino associates domestic decor and disastrous landscapes whose overlapping dimensions muddle the senses.

‘vortex populi’ | photo by guillaume viaud




while faustino has just announced the launch of ‘fundación alumnos 47,’ a foundation, library & artist residency in mexico city, the exhibition at magasin credits his 20 years of research on the relationship between body and space, dystopia and ‘bio political’ systems. since the mid-nineties, the franco-portugese architect’s numerous creations and proposed utopias have adopted an sculptural and structural quality characterized by a fictional dimension and critical stance, and extend from installation to experimentation.

‘vortex populi’ | photo by blaise adilon

‘hero zero’ | photo by guillaume viaud

‘ashes to ashes’ | photo by blaise adilon

‘ashes to ashes’ | photo by guillaume viaud

‘ashes to ashes’ | photo by blaise adilon

‘lost last lust’ | photo by blaise adilon

‘doppelganger‘ | photo by blaise adilon

‘decors & desastres’ | photo by blaise adilon

‘decors & desastres’ | photo by blaise adilon