‘bridging home’ by do-ho suh, 2010 steel structural frame with sub timber frame, filcor 45 fra eps bounded to 19 mm marine plywood, painted finish liverpool, england, UK image via

do-ho suh’s work ‘bridging home’ is an outdoor mixed-media installation built between two structures. the small house is built on an angle, seeming to hover several feet above the ground between two taller buildings. the perched piece has an unsettling affect, highlighting the tension existent between stranger-neighbors in larger cities, alluding to the dual sense of belonging and anonymity of an individual hailing from this place. ‘bridging home’ also explores the affect of living in an interconnected world upon the psychology of the individual and the community.

the work was originally commissioned for the liverpool biennial, touched and will be part of the upcoming roundtable: 9th gwangju biennale at the tate modern on june 6th, 2012 for the gwangju biennale to take place from september 7th until november 11th, 2012 in gwangju, korea.

do ho suh: bridging home image via all my colours

do ho suh: bridging home a detailed view of the work image via

do ho suh: bridging home image via

do ho suh: bridging home image via