the unbounded delirium of dogs in cars captured by lara jo regan
all images courtesy of lara jo regan




you’ll be hard pressed to find pet passengers that look happier than these playful pooches. photographer lara jo regan presents the series ‘dogs in cars‘, celebrating the infectious happiness of animals on a car ride.


although varied in gender, size and breed, a common thread throughout the images sees the unbounded delirium and windswept coats of retrievers, pugs and pit bull terriers, wide-eyed and mouths gaping open in excitement. these cruising canines are captured with special lighting techniques, involving hand-crafted contraptions mounted on car roofs, and high-speed lights that works in conjunction with nikon cameras — all working towards the final composition. 



behind the scenes: how lara jo regan shoots photographs for her book, dogs in cars
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two retrievers can’t get enough of the breeze 

a trio of pugs with wide-open mouths catch the breeze

two dogs howl out the car window

fluffy white dogs are more interested in being perched on pillows

a pit bull terrier smiles to passengers in the backseat

windswept fur gets blown in the breeze out a convertible car