‘urban nests’ by dom arquitectura project, 2012 all images courtesy the designers




dom arquitectura, a creative studio based in barcelona, spain and comprised of designers mikel elorduy, blanca elorduy and pablo serrano, have developed an environmental and architectural installation entitled ‘urban nests – come back sparrows!’. dom arquitectura created a collection of twenty handmade wooden bird houses; each component decorated with brightly-colored ecological paints and attached to a tan, stucco wall in barrio de gracia, barcelona, spain. the trio believe the composition of the piece, in both its grid-like orientation on the side of this building’s recently refinished wall, and in the work having been developed in three natural shades of green, yellow and brown, brings to the public space a revival of the habitat’s formerly thriving avian life.


‘one day someone made a wall, it was cold, sad and dead,
 over time, the sparrows made ​​it his home.
they lived there, raising, flying, singing,
and the wall became something joyful and full of life!


but one day, someone decided to restore the wall,
and plug all the holes where they lived sparrows,
 wall turned to gray, cold and sad!

 then we showed up,

 and decided to put colored nests where it were the holes,
and asked the sparrows to come back,
and they have came back!!

 we give them the nests,

 they give us everything else,

 and the city appreciate it!’ – dom arquitectura

dom arquitectura project: urban nests the brightly-colored components are connected to the wall, providing shelter for the sparrows

dom arquitectura project: urban nests the sparrows investigate their new homes

dom arquitectura project: urban nests the designers needed to scale the city wall in order to place the new bird houses on the stucco wall

dom arquitectura project: urban nests a detailed view of the sparrows’ old home with one bird peeking out from their wall-burrowed homes

dom arquitectura project: urban nests