hermosa beach, los angelesphotographers have always admired the photo geniality of beaches; the white sands, the water and the open sky. photographer andy hughes also likes to photograph beaches, however he chooses to
focus in on a more un-photogenic aspect of the beach: trash. through the low perspective images of his series ‘dominant wave theory’, hughes photographs plastic trash which has been washed ashore or left on the beach. these images make the trash itself appear like a landscape or portrait. taken at beaches in the US and the UK, hughes manages to make what would normally be a blemish on pristine beaches, into the main focus.the wasted plastic form is a predominant theme in my work. these images are meant to engage the viewer to consider a key pressing dilemma of our modern existence; they search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, discord and harmony.


'dominant wave theory' by andy hughes porthmeor beach, west cornwall

'dominant wave theory' by andy hughes santa barbara, california

'dominant wave theory' by andy hughes dockweiler, los angeles

'dominant wave theory' by andy hughes gwithian beach, cornwall