flippy cat recreated van gogh’s ‘the starry night’ in dominoes domino starry night

‘starry night – vincent van dominogh’ is a recreation of van gogh’s famous painting using 7,067 dominoes. created by domino artist flippycat, the project took 11 hours to build, plus the time for a failed first attempt.

after constructing the entire work with carefully arranged, aligned, and stacked dominoes in a three-dimensional configuration, flippycat initiated a domino chain reaction with a leading line of grey pieces, causing all the dominoes to fall in a cascade and turn the pixel-like assemblage into a more impressionistic recreation.

video of the construction and chain reaction for ‘starry night’, as well as outtakes from a failed first attempt

domino starry night midway through the chain reaction

2012 is a popular year for van gogh’s ‘starry night’; have you seen petros vrellis’s ‘starry night’ interactive animation?

via neatorama