‘sleep’, 2008 (source imagery: jean-bernard restout)

kehinde wiley: down
deitch projects, new york
november 1 – december 20, 2008

‘down’ is an exhibit of new paintings by kehinde wiley which opened earlier this month at new york’s deith projects. a wide selection of wiley’s large-scale works will be on show including four new works each referencing images of fallen warriors, saints, and classical mythology. using source imagery from classical paintings, wiley contemporizes them with elements of other painting styles including graffiti. wiley also examines the notion of ‘the master painter’, while also casting young black males in the role of the subject.

http://www.deitch.com http://www.kehindewiley.com

all photography by max yawney

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘morpheus’, 2008 (source imagery: jean-antoine houdon)

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘christian martyr tarcisius’, 2008 (source imagery: auguste falguiere)

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘the virgin martyr st. cecilia’, 2008(source imagery: stefano maderno)

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘femme piquee par un serpent’, 2008 (source imagery: auguste clesinger)

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘lamentation over the dead christ’, 2008 (source imagery: mantegna)

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘a dead soldier’, 2008 (source imagery: velasquez)

‘down’ by kehinde wiley ‘down’ by kehinde wiley, installation view at deitch projects