DRIFT opens luminous exhibition alongside estúdio campana in são paulo

DRIFT opens luminous exhibition alongside estúdio campana in são paulo

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vida em coisas: luminous artwork in motion


Amsterdam-based design studio DRIFT has unveiled their luminous and highly anticipated solo-exhibition titled Vida em Coisas at CCBB São Paulo (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil). Following its success in Rio de Janeiro, this marks the second stop of their Brazilian touring exhibition. What makes this occasion even more significant is that it is DRIFT’s first large-scale exhibition in São Paulo, a city known for its vibrant art scene.


We are so inspired by the Brazilian people and the vibrancy of São Paulo’s art scene,’ says Lonneke Gordijn, the founder and artist behind DRIFT.It has long been a DRIFT dream to exhibit here, and we are so honored to be welcomed by the CCBB and the city.’drift são paulo
Amplitude (2017), photography © Ding Musa | @dingmusa



drift collaborates with Estúdio Campana


The exhibition Vida em Coisas (life in things) also celebrates the realization of a unique collaboration between DRIFT and the Brazilian design studio Estúdio Campana. These two teams, driven by mutual admiration, came together to create something extraordinary. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Campana ‘All Animals Banquete’ chair, DRIFT utilized its materials to craft a stunning artwork as part of their Materialism series. Visitors to the exhibition can witness the chair and the artwork displayed side by side in a visual dialogue.

drift são pauloCoded Nature, photography by Ding Musa



nature and technology harmonize in são paulo


The core theme of DRIFT’s São Paulo exhibition Vida em Coisas revolves around the possibility of nature and technology existing in harmony. Brazilian curator Marcello Dantas explains: ‘Be it through the bionic world or be it through the concept of animism, in which everything — animals, natural phenomena and inanimate objects — has a spirit that connects them with everything else.’


Dantas, known for curating some of the most influential solo shows of the last decade, including Ai Weiwei’s ‘Raiz,’ welcomes visitors to experience this thought-provoking exhibition. His previous collaborations with acclaimed contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Laurie Anderson, Erwin Wurm, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Jenny Holzer, Rebecca Horn, Bill Viola, and many others, have established his reputation as a curator with a discerning eye for groundbreaking art.

drift são paulo
EGO (2020), photography by Ding Musa drift são paulo
EGO (2020), photography by Ding Musa drift são pauloFragile Future, photography by Ding Musa


Shylight (2006), photography by Ding Musa

drift são paulo
Shylight (2006), photography by Ding Musa


Amplitude (2017), photography by Ding Musa

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