on saturday january 30, 2021, the 11th edition of the renowned engadin art talks (E.A.T.) — the forum for art, architecture, design, film, science and literature — takes place as a virtual tour de force featuring a compelling lineup of international speakers tuning in from home. free and accessible to all, the ‘longue durée’ program sees a 12 hour-long stream of artists, architects, designers, writers and scientists share their ideas, thoughts and projects around this year’s theme.


designboom is a media partner of E.A.T. 2021 and brings you selected projects, interviews and news from the event — stay tuned for our upcoming coverage, and read on for the full ‘longue durée’ program and list of speakers below.

engadin art talks 2021



‘longue durée’, which literally means ‘long duration’, is a view of history first introduced by french historian fernand braudel. braudel’s ‘longue durée’ offers an interpretation of crises as opportunities for fundamental structural change, with art one way to re-imagine existing paradigms to accommodate new discoveries, and create new realities.


despite these challenging times, the E.A.T 2021 lineup is as exciting as ever. in commitment to sustainability and safety, the roster of speakers will tune in from afar, including some E.A.T. alumni, and swiss-based thought leaders contributing live from the engadin.


the disruptive minds presenting their thoughts around the theme of ‘longue durée’ are — etel adnan, ziba ardalan, michel auder, alexandra bachzetsis, tosh basco, daniel baumann, cristina bechtler, elisabeth bronfen, gion caminada, gabriel chaile, bice curiger, chris dercon, katharina de vaivre, manthia diawara, simone fattal, peter fischli, christina forrer, norman foster, dario gamboni, trajal harrell, fritz hauser, raphael hefti, emma hodcroft, claire hoffmann, luzius keller, jürg kienberger, ragnar kjartansson, alexander kluge, roman krznaric, grażyna kulczyk, isabel lewis, ben moore, hans ulrich obrist, madlaina peer, griselda pollock, kate raworth, markus reymann, kenny schachter, merlin sheldrake, adam szymczyk, wu tsang, leo tuor, philip ursprung, rico valär, not vital, and stefan zweifel.


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the curatorial team is again composed of hans ulrich obrist (artistic director of the serpentine galleries in london), daniel baumann (director of the kunsthalle zürich), bice curiger (artistic director of the fondation vincent van gogh arles) and philip ursprung (dean of architecture at ETH zurich), together with cristina bechtler.


the livestream program begins at 10AM (CET) with a short welcome and introduction by the curatorial team, then continues with themed presentations, talks and conversations until 10PM — see the detailed program in full below, and watch the livestream on saturday january 30 here.


see designboom’s previous coverage of E.A.T. 2020 and 2019 here, including an interview with architect tatiana bilbao on how the silence and sound of monasteries can shape domestic space, and a video of jeppe hein’s participatory artwork, breathe with me.





full program

engadin art talks 2021 | saturday 30 january — watch livestream here
(please note that the time indications are approximate)


10:00 (CET) | welcome and introduction
bice curiger, artistic director fondation vincent van gogh arles
daniel baumann, director kunsthalle zürich
cristina bechtler, founder E.A.T.
hans ulrich obrist, artistic director serpentine galleries london
philip ursprung, professor of the history of art and architecture ETH zurich


10:10 | salutary failures
raphael hefti, artist, CH
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator


10:25 | W.A.N.D.E.R.I.N.G.
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator
daniel baumann, E.A.T. curator


10:50 | parasol and beyond
ziba ardalan, founder parasol unit, UK
cristina bechtler, founder E.A.T.


11:05 | doughnut economics
kate raworth, economist, UK
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator


11:40 | “„danke, danke, danke….”” in der bibliothek des hotel waldhaus in sils “
jürg kienberger, musician/ actor, CH


11:50 | iconoclasm: a story of longue durée
peter fischli, artist, CH
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator
dario gamboni, art historian, CH


12:15 | architecture and longue durée
gion caminada, architect, CH
philip ursprung, E.A.T. curator


12:30 | hommage à fernand braudel
alexander kluge, filmmaker, germany
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator


12:40 | looking back forward – le grand palais paris – part I
chris dercon, president of the RMN – grand palais, belgium/FR


13:15 | the art of being of good ancestor
roman krznaric, philosopher and writer, UK
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T.curator


13:45 | michel auder’s garage opera
michel auder artist, FR/USA
adam szymczyk, curator, PL/CH
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator


14:10 | wissen vor ort
leo tuor, writer, CH
daniel baumann, E.A.T. curator


14:30 | crossmappings and after-images; feminist thoughts in duration and recurrence
griselda pollock, art historian, UK
elisabeth bronfen, cultural critic, UK/CH


14:40 | moved by the motion
tosh basco, performance artist, USA / artist in residence schauspielhaus zürich
wu tsang filmaker, USA / artist in residence schauspielhaus zürich
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator


15:20 | the longue durée of pandemics
emma hodcroft, virologist, CH
philip ursprung, E.A.T. curator


15:40 | vor dem nietzsche stein
stefan zweifel, philosopher, CH


15:45 | proust in engadin
luzius keller, proust specialist, CH
stefan zweifel, philosopher, CH


15:55 | so lebendig ist romantsch!
madlaina peer, stage designer/musician, CH
rico valär, professor for rhaeto-romanic, CH
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator


16:15 | tuor per susch
grażyna kulczyk, founder muzeum susch, poland/ CH
not vital, artist, CH


16:30 | the poetics of solidarity
manthia diawara, art historian and cultural creator, USA
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator


17:10 | longue durée in the mediterranean
markus reymann, director tba 21 academy, austria
katharina de vaivre, E.A.T. managing director


17:30 | the cynical idealist
kenny schachter, art critic, USA
cristina bechtler, E.A.T. founder


17:45 | 12 hours is not long: human and non-human time
ragnar kjartansson, artist, iceland
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator
philip ursprung, E.A.T. curator


18:15 | on longue durée
julian charrière artist, CH


18:20 | scalable skeletal escalator
isabel lewis, dancer, dom. rep./germany


18:35 | looking back forward – le grand palais paris – part II
chris dercon, president of the RMN – grand palais, belgium/FR


19:10 | a conversation
trajal harrell ,choreographer, USA /in-house director at schauspielhaus zürich
daniel baumann, E.A.T. curator


19:30 | coup d’oeil, woven into eternity
christina forrer, artist, CH/USA
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator
cristina bechtler, E.A.T. curator


19:50 | long duration in the city
norman foster architect, UK/CH
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator
philip ursprung, E.A.T. curator


20:30 | shifting the silence
etel adnan, artist, lebanon/FR
claire hoffmann, curator, centre culturel suisse, CH/FR


20:40 | poetry reading
simone fattal, artist, lebanon/FR
claire hoffmann, curator, centre culturel suisse, CH/FR


20:50 | entangled life
merlin sheldrake, biologist and writer, UK
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator


21:20 | massacre: variations on a theme
alexandra bachzetsis, performance artist, CH


21:45 | drum piece
fritz hauser, percussionist and composer, CH
bice curiger, E.A.T. curator


22:00 | a conversation
gabriel chaile, artist, argentina
hans ulrich obrist, E.A.T. curator


22:20 | the past, present and future of our moon
ben moore, astrophysicist, CH
philip ursprung, E.A.T. curator


22:45 | towards no earthly pole film by
julian charrière, artist, CH


E.A.T. / engadin art talks 2021 presents 12 hour virtual 'longue durée' of disruptive minds


E.A.T. is internationally recognized for bringing together leading artists, architects, writers, scientists and disruptive thinkers from around the world. its mission is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for a global dialogue on the arts and different creative fields. internationally recognized for its line-up of leading artists, architects, writers, scientists, and disruptive minds from all over the world, E.A.T. has invited so far more than 140 speakers that have presented their ideas and visions on challenging social relevant themes since its inception in 2010. E.A.T. was founded by cristina bechtler together with hans ulrich obrist.