elsewhere by von at KK outlet gallery london
(above) ’emma’ from the elsewhere series 





von‘s new solo show ‘elsewhere’ at KK outlet gallery london opens on may 1st and will run for a month. four new posters have been created especially for the show in collaboration some of von’s favourite designers — hort, non-format, david pearson and darren Firth. leading up to the show these posters will be released as hand pulled screen prints in a strict edition of 20. for people who cannot make it to the gallery 10 of each edition will be available to purchase before the show opens directly from shopvon. after that the remaining 10 will be available at the gallery.

‘skye’ from the elsewhere series




von told designboom more about the new works:


‘this new body of work is a development of the semblance series which also focused on abstract portraiture.  it’s a culmination of a few years of experiments, mulling over, research and figuring out ways to push what I had established with semblance both technically and conceptually. it’s also the first time I’ve worked with a photographer, in this case the super talented dan sully, to create my reference images entirely from scratch — definitely a key turning point in my fine art work.’


‘since beginning work on the show there hasn’t been a week where something hasn’t felt like a real challenge on one level or another but that’s what makes the whole thing so satisfying. I’ve not done an exhibition proper for quite some time now due to my commercial studio work being so busy but when KK outlet approached me about the show it was too good an opportunity to be take the easier road as far as content goes.’


‘I hold the semblance work very dear to my heart but it was time to throw down a new challenge. now I’m hyped to to see everything framed and hung in the space and for it to become real.’ – von



‘lucinda’ from the elsewhere series 

‘lucinda’ from the elsewhere series

hellovon interview
von at work – photo by cat garcia




last year designboom spoke to von about influences…


I’d say it’s mainly music — the atmospheres, juxtapositions of different sounds, the transition from one note into another, textures, etc. all of those things conjure up very strong visuals to me. another major influence is nature. if I had to pick some visual artists I’d say jonathan glazer, bernhard edmaier, tibor kalman, george lois (esquire years), chris cunnigham, tokujin yoshioka and takenobu igarashi.’ – von


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