emma hack camouflages hand-painted people within intricate patterns
(above) fans, 2013
c-type print
43in x 43in




emma hack: undercover
rebecca hossack gallery, new york
february 19th through march 12th 2014


for her first solo exhibition in new york, australian artist emma hack will present a retrospective of the her intricate body paintings, highlighting new work from the past year. the artist’s human camouflage style of composition challenges the observer to find the person masterfully concealed behind layers of complex and labyrinth patterns, motifs, animals and landscapes from nature. the live body paintings — later captured through photography — can take anywhere from eight to 15 uninterrupted hours of work and result in hypnotizing portraits, which materialize as mesmerizing visual illusions. veiled beneath fans, birds, tiles and trees, the model aesthetically unites with her hand-painted backdrop.


as part of the gallery’s opening reception, hack will live paint a subject in within the exhibition space, a performance piece which will provide insight into the extraordinary technique and vision behind the images.

peacock with yellow butterflies, 2010
46in x 46in

alhambra – granada, 2013
c-type print
27.5in x 27.5in

egrets mandala, 2012
c-type digital print
120 x 120 cm

papyrus, 2013
c-type print
43 x 43in
hydrangea cradled owl, 2013
c-type print
46in x 46in