esai ramirez imagines crayon box sets to match famous works of art  
images courtesy of esai ramirez 




LA-based artist esai ramirez imagines a vibrant world where crayon company crayola and matching system pantone collide, offering limited edition box sets to encourage creatives to play with color. ramirez considers the possibility of collaborations with famous artists based on the color schemes found in their most famous paintings and works. examples include damien hirst’s archetypal palette comprising aquamarine silicone blues, josef albers’ sunset hues found in ‘homage to the square: glow’; a vibrant spectrum of hues found throughout jen stark’s paper murals; and yves klein’s signature saturated blue hue.

colors match josef albers’ ‘homage to the square: glow’, 1966

a vibrant spectrum of hues correlate to jen stark’s paper murals

a blue crayola/pantone color matches yves klein’s signature hue

the imagined crayola + pantone box

a proposed shade for the crayon color