prepare to step inside the mind of M.C. escher in this mind-bending game by developer NuSan. ‘fragments of euclid’ lets gamers explore and solve puzzles within a strangely connected world filled with staircases and surreal surprises. inside the black-and-white universe, users can navigate mysterious mazes and perplexing labyrinths where they’re met with puzzling obstacles and unknown twists-and-turns. 

fragments of euclid
impossible sets of stairs lead gamers on a puzzling journey 



etched lines, interconnected geometries and impossible realities drawn from escher’s distinctive artistic universe are able to be experienced and explored within the game. ‘fragments of euclid’ is free to download, discover, and play here.

users can explore the strange and surreal world of escher in game form

fragments of euclid
pathways lead to impossibly built structures and scenarios 

fragments of euclid
unusual surprises await throughout the game, where users have to solve puzzles 

luminous boxes are part of a complex puzzle