‘intuit’ by eve bailey

french-born and new york-based artist eve bailey has created the sculptural work, ‘intuit’. true to her artistic values, the piece emphasizes balance, movement and gravity. ‘intuit’ is a 25 foot long collapsible teeter totter with a beam rotating on an axis 5 feet off the ground. two dancers balance on either side of the platform, responding to the movements of one another; any shift made by either individual has a great effect upon the equilibrium of the structure. bailey developed ‘intuit’ through performance, drawing, maquettes, sculpture, photographs and video.

eve bailey: intuittwo dancers balance atop ‘intuit’

eve bailey: intuit the cushioning underneath the structure allows for a full range of movement for the sculpture and dancers 

eve bailey: intuitdetailed view of the sculpture in a moment of balance

eve bailey: intuit alternate view of a dancer atop intuit

eve bailey: intuit the movements of one individual effect the balance of the piece so greatly that the other person must move to balance the sculpture

‘our bodies are constantly adapting and bending to the configurations of buildings and the designs of transportations. in recent drawings, urban blueprints fuse with human anatomical representation… I emphasize on the ideas of flexibility and lightness. the machines I build serve to express the elegance of a gesture, a finite moment of equilibrium.’ -eve bailey

eve bailey: intuit detailed view

eve bailey: intuit alternate view

eve bailey: intuitdancer balancing atop ‘intuit’

video of ‘intuit’