‘faked meat’ by marije vogelzang

‘faked meat’ by marije vogelzang is a project that started in response to the meat substitutes offered in supermarkets – these sometimes even stored amongst the ‘real’ products. the pieces are an outcome of exploring the possibilities of merging food and animal design – from fleshy lollipops to re-interpreted fish fillets, the edibles are to provoke play, interaction and enjoyment. vogelzang’s dishes are prepared to align with the way traditional meals are documented – a detailed recipe with serving suggestions, recommendations the amount of people a course can serve and even invented food types. vogelzang aims to foster enriching experiences through the medium of cooking more so than entering the affectations of gastronomy culture, engaging her audience through their stomach.

faked meat by marije vogelzang ‘ponti meat balls’ and ‘ponti crudo’

faked meat by marije vogelzang ‘caramelized sapicu’

faked meat by marije vogelzang ‘herbast stir-fry’

faked meat by marije vogelzang ‘sapicu wings with dark chocolate’

faked meat by marije vogelzang ‘herbast roast’