ARCHYOGA presents a meditative animation  


Following his theatricalization of built structures, Federico Babina’s latest project aptly titled ARCHYOGA converges architecture and yoga. The series showcases the harmonious relationship between the human body and architectural forms, wherein 30 animated illustrations transition from one position to another in a fluid choreography. Each piece represents a small architectural creation, where volumes gracefully move and intertwine, evoking the symbolic power that emerges when the human body interacts with its habitat. By melding yoga postures (ásanas) with structures, ARCHYOGA offers an exploration of balance and tension, set into motion against the soundscapes of music composer Cesc Miralta.


images and video courtesy of Federico Babina



federico babina intertwines the human body and architecture


For this series, architect and graphic designer Federico Babina likens architects to yogis, who both delineate and strive to achieve equilibrium between forms and space, seeking a state of balance and tranquility. In the same way that yoga unites the body, mind, and soul, architecture harmoniously merges volumes and spaces, blending functionality with aesthetics.


‘In my life certain architectures have been able to give me true spiritual experiences. Where light has the ability to ‘illuminate; the soul along with the physical space. Where color touches emotional chords and stimulates sensory experiences capable of calming the mind and body leading me to a meditative state. Sitting in environments listening to my breathing resonate in space observing the balance and proportion between forms resolved without the slightest tension. The transition between spaces as the seamless transition from one position to another. Strong fluid movements that generate a sense of connection with oneself and one’s surroundings,’ notes Babina.

federico babina animates a fusion of architecture and yoga in a meditative trance
converging architecture and yoga against a soundscape by Cesc Miralta

federico babina animates a fusion of architecture and yoga in a meditative trance
ARCHYOGA’s 30 animated illustrations transition seamlessly from one position to another 



project info:


designer: Federico Babina

music composition: Cesc Miralta


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