federico babina animates archidirectors: the imaginary homes of movie directors
images courtesy of federico babina




although italian artist federico babina usually delivers static, architecturally-influenced illustrations (many of which you can see on designboom here), his latest project deals with two new mediums: animation and web design. the ‘archidirectors website‘ shows kinetic adaptations of his colorful, film-themed structures originally realized last summer. these drawings have seen 27 imaginary houses correlate to a collection of famous film directors, from wes anderson to stanley kubrick. 



preview of the archidirectors website by federico babina




the website experiment explores the possibility of creating two-dimensional dioramas that can play, move and carry out a short, virtual performance. babina has conceived the project as an online theater, where the scenography, music and minimal motion relate to the stories that cycle through the history of film and architecture. ‘in this architectural carousel, illustrations, architecture, music, sounds and animation create a tiny show to make a short trip with the imagination and fantasy through an aesthetic universe inspired by cinema and some of its protagonists,’ babina says. preview the website and see a few of the moving illustrations below, with the full set of drawings here.

the tim burton house is conceived as ‘a creepy victorian and modern mansion’

animated fellini house blends fantasy and reality

a short informational introduction can be viewed alongside each home on the website

the animated david lynch house is imagined with a mysterious and surrealistic atmosphere

a solid structure is contrasted by a wide aperture soaked in red



project info:


concept idea, illustration: federico babina
web development/design, animation: leonidas mamais
music composition: elisabet raspall