felines dress up with seaweed and rice for sushi cats series
felines dress up with seaweed and rice for sushi cats series
jun 10, 2014

felines dress up with seaweed and rice for sushi cats series

felines dress up with seaweed and rice for sushi cats series
all images courtesy of tange & nakimushi peanuts




 japanese company tange & nakimushi peanuts have composed ‘neko-sushi’, a photographic series of posters and postcards which unite cats and sushi. various felines are placed atop stacks of sticky rice, wrapped in strands of seaweed and playfully placed with props, meant to closely resemble different kinds of raw fish. pink backpacks, orange ties and striped red socks look like tuna and salmon, while the small scenes replicate the traditional serving situations of the popular dish. take a look below to see the tabby, persian and siamese cats as pet plates.

sushi cats lined up on tiny plates

arranged on a wooden board

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
a pink backpack set atop the feline resembles sliced raw fish

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
red and white socks and a bamboo fan adorn the cat

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
a yellow cat wears a blanket of the same color, making him look like a piece of sushi

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
a white cat sits atop a stack of sticky rice

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
pickles and a sushi mat wrap the feline

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
the playful scene transforms the red ping pong paddle into a piece of tuna

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
the feline is wrapped with a lobster and greens

sushi cats tange & nakimushi peanuts
the amber-colored feline is placed with brown leaves on his back



  • Animal cruelty? Give me a break. These are so obviously Photoshopped. What cat is going to sit there with all those props? They’d wiggle their little butts out of that seaweed so fast. Calm down, and enjoy the pictures for what they are. (I have three rescued cats and a rescued dog of my own.)

  • Can’t you guys jut SMILE? Please, HOW is this cruelty? Seriously, all I see is perfectly well-fed and clean cats, placed on sushi-shaped pillows, probably just for a couple of minutes, in order to be photographed.
    No more, no less then that. And anyway, they’re CATS. If they didn’t want to do this, had they felt pain or discomfort, they would’ve simply started moving and running away. They look fine. So, if you think this is cruelty, you probably don’t even know what real cruelty is.

  • Um, first of all, this is not cruelty. Second of all, it looks like most of this was photoshopped. Chill out. It’s adorable. Get over it.

  • Did it ever occur to you (@Kay, Nora) that these animals might be loved? Just because there are adornments on them does not preclude the love of an owner behind the camera. No cats died on top of fake rice for this photo set. No cat has ever died from having tinsel or doilies set on its back. Your gross overreaction is the problem, not these pictures.

  • Great idea and great result.
    I am sure no cat was harmed to create this Pushi images.

  • It’s all Photoshopping. They were composited adeptly onto a close-up of rice. If you look at all the images, the ball of rice is the same. So no cats were hurt in the process.

  • its funny and orginal, i love it and iam a cat owner, what is the problem? people over act way much for nothing, this animal cruelty, why????

  • this is very stupid and offensive, it’s animal cruelty! (even if only imagined!)

  • it is no wonder that so many animals are suffering mistreatment in the world and endangered species numbers rise daily. this is where it begins – with people treating animals as objects for their own amusement. in this case, the people thought it was cute, ergo the belief is that the animal is not suffering. think it through though and this same thought process is behind most animal suffering at the hands of a so-called superior intelligence. I am very disappointed that design boom has featured this disgusting portrayal of creatures that depend on us to treat them properly and instead they are wrapped up in rice and seaweed.

  • Positivement ridicule…


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