the volcano olympus is projected onto the wall the floor appears like a lake image © designboom

in the latin american pavilion of the venice art biennale, fernando falconi has created a video installation, ‘olimpo’ (2006), based on the volcano, chimborazo, which is a geographical and historical emblem for both ecuador and the americas. the installation shows a projection of the eternal ice melting away like so many truths and claims, flowing into the lake lying at the giant’s foot.

fernando falconi: 'olimpo' at the venice art biennale 09the pooling lake that lies on the floor is made from milk, silicon and plastic image © rodolfo kronfle chambers

fernando falconi: 'olimpo' at the venice art biennale 09 the serene projection of the olympusimage © haupt & binder

fernando falconi was born in 1980 in guayaquil, ecuador.