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a full size ferrari monza SP1 recreated using 380,000+ LEGO bricks in world first

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ferrari monza SP1 LEGO debuts in denmark


Inside LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark, a recreation of the world’s first full-size Ferrari Monza SP1 bodied with LEGO bricks entertains supercar enthusiasts and LEGO fans through an exhibit. Stacked with 383,610 LEGO bricks, the car design, which weighs a whopping total of 1,340 kilos, thoroughly captures the details of the stunning visual elements of its supercar counterpart.


Visitors are free to assemble LEGO bricks to create their own Ferrari cars and models in LEGOLAND Denmark. After having fun toying with the pieces, they can also have their cars digitally scanned on-site so that they can play their very own car design through a digital racing game stationed right where the exhibit is. The racing game replicates the well-known Fiorano track of the car brand.

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
images courtesy of Ferrari and LEGOLAND Denmark



Racing game on-site with personalized LEGO models


The circuit track of the digital racing game is Ferrari’s own personal testing and development ground at Fiorano in Italy.  LEGOLAND Billund CEO Christian Woller says that ‘Ferrari is a world-known brand, setting the standard for luxury and excellence within the automotive world, and we are looking forward to presenting a brand-new type of interactive attraction in collaboration with Ferrari.’

From the single-seating system down to the dashboard, LEGO bricks carpet the entire sculptural design. The car’s headlamp is also made of blocks, but even in Ferrari Monza SP1 LEGO’s case, the light still blinks and fully functions. The interactive exhibit springs as a new Ferrari attraction at LEGOLAND in Denmark named ‘Ferrari Build and Race.’

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
even the dashboard is made of LEGO bricks



Lego adventures with ferrari supercars


The life-sized and perhaps awe-inspiring LEGO replica of Ferrari’s iconic Monza SP1 open-top supercar is only the beginning of the many adventures LEGOLAND has in store for its guests. An array of fascinating Ferrari facts accompany the exhibition to help visitors immerse themselves in the thrill of block building and car racing.


Young Ferraristas are in for a treat as physical test tracks adorned with loops and ramps are offered to them as the perfect playground to unleash the racer within them. There’s even LEGO DUPLO for the smallest attendees to build their own dream vehicles, ensuring that no one is left out of the adventure. After a stint in Denmark, Ferrari will also be racing into the Royal Borough of Windsor in the UK in the summer of 2023 for the British LEGOLAND site.


Helen Bull, Divisional Director of LEGOLAND Windsor, says ‘We’re extremely excited about this unique and full-throttle partnership. Welcoming Ferrari to the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is a big moment for us – I’m looking forward to testing the drive and creativity of all our guests at the new Ferrari Build and Race attraction this Summer!’

LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1
close-up view of the LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
the interactive exhibit springs as a new Ferrari attraction at LEGOLAND Denmark


LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1 at LEGOLAND Denmark

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
the sculpture is stacked with 383,610 LEGO bricks

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
the sculptural LEGO is parked at LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
the LEGO car weighs a whopping total of 1,340 kilos

lego ferrari monza sp1 denmark
rear view of the LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1



project info:


name: Ferrari Monza SP1 LEGO

brands: Ferrari, LEGO

location: Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund, Denmark

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