floating air bonsai garden by hoshinchu seemingly defies gravity
gifs by designboom / courtesy of hoshinchu




on the island of kyushu in japan, local designers have created the ‘air bonsai’ that seemingly defies gravity by hovering above the surface of its porcelain pot. currently seeking funding on kickstarter, the magical botanicals by hoshinchu float in mid air through a system of magnetic devices that propel the plant away from its base. available in two species — moss ball and stone varieties — the otherworldly organisms slowly spin in space, rotating above hand crafted porcelain vessels designed especially for the project. in unison, a cluster of ‘air bonsais’ appear to be a small galaxy, carefully circuiting the pots below. the designers bring together the ancient japanese craft of bonsai art with technology and design, uniting old and new, and nature and artifice. 

the bonsai plant hovers above the surface of its pot 

different varieties of bonsai are featured in the collection 

the ‘rock’ species is sculpted from foam to look like a naturally formed base 

the plant floats above the porcelain pot designed to hold it 

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