flora borsi combines human + animal features into a single self-portrait
all images courtesy of flora borsi




forming a likeness between the animal kingdom and the human form, hungarian artist flora borsi has formed the series ‘animeyed’, which creates curious hybrid beings from two different species. the collection of self-portraits sees borsi situated side-by-side six separate creatures: a cat, dove, blowfish, goldfish, snake and hare. for each composition, borsi matches her hairstyle, makeup, and eye color to match the characteristics of each animal, dying her hair orange to mimic the hue of a goldfish and painting her face snow white to match the texture of a dove. as the artist stares at the camera facing frontwards, one of the animals conceals part of her face, matching their own eye above where hers would be revealed. the effect forms hybrid entities that play with the perception of the viewer and cleverly display the physical similarities between the human and animal features. 

borsi matches her makeup to the silhouette of a cat’s eye

borsi is painted all white to match the color of the flying dove 

short orange locks match the color of the goldfish 

a snake slithers up borsi’s face to match its eye against hers

a dark hare replaces its eye above borsi’s own