flora borsi ‘detouches’ female fashion portraits with a surrealist slant 
images courtesy of flora borsi




after looking at fashion portraits pasted in magazines and plastered everywhere from bus stations to billboards, artist flora borsi remarked on their unmistakable perfection. these results are undeniably the work of digital retouching, where skin is smoothed over, eyes widened and waistlines adjusted to sometimes inhuman proportions. as a response, borsi chose to ‘detouch’ the faces of these picture-perfect models, warping them into ‘little monsters’, she describes, that are completely unique in quality and characteristic. the surrealist stance borsi takes with each image for the series ‘stockify’ sees duplicate eyes, distorted bone structure and liquefied lips. ‘beauty wasn’t enough to give me interest,’ she says. ‘I love imperfections as much as I love surrealism.’