flora borsi abstracts her anatomy to form siamese self-portraits
all images courtesy of flora borsi




as a visual artist, flora borsi may be best known for abstracting anatomical features to form photographically realistic manipulations of everyday people. both her ‘animeyed’ series — which created curious hybrid beings from two different species — and ‘stockify’ portraits — where borsi chose to ‘detouch’ the faces of picture-perfect models — morph and meddle with the human body with an unmistakably surrealist slant.

borsi’s latest body of work ‘siamese’ continues her experimentation with the human body




borsi has just released images of her latest body of work, ‘siamese’. these self-portraits imagine borsi as an anatomically askew twin, cloned and connected to her other half in strange and mysterious ways. the two figures intersect at various meeting points — the face, neck, shoulder, and chest — to form bizarre and brain-bending configurations. ‘siamese’ continues the artist’s experimentation and photographic manipulation of the human form, specifically in exploring the notion of female representation, and the relationship between body and self.

the self-portraits imagine the artist as an anatomically askew twin

the two figures are cloned and connected to each other in strange and mysterious ways

borsi’s twins form bizarre and brain-bending human configurations

the figures intersect at various meeting points, inluding the face, neck, shoulder, and chest