‘fat monkey’ by rotterdam-based artist florentijn hofman is a giant site-specific project created for the pixelshow conference in sao paulo, brazil. the latest addition in a series entitled ‘obeastitas’, the comically over-sized monkey sculpture is an inflated form clad with thousands of the brazilian icon — the flip flop. the resulting pixel-like effect lends the monkey a slightly fuzzy appearance from a short distance but gradually grows clear from afar. the installation was constructed with the help of local students. 

florentijn hofmanthe monkey was created for the pixelshow conference in sao paulo, brazil

florentijn hofmanthe skin of the monkey is made entirely from flip-flops

florentijn hofman (left) aerial view (right) on site

florentijn hofman construction shots: florentijn hofman on the left putting the giant beast together

florentijn hofman: fat monkey made of flip flopsthe project was made with the help of local students 

florentijn hofmanin the past hofman has made a giant rabbit, aardvark, snail and rubber duck

florentijn hofman putting ‘fat monkey’ in place

watch the making-of video of ‘fat monkey’