fong qi wei compresses dawn to dusk into animated time tunnels
(above) chinatown sunset, 2013
all gifs © fong qi wei



singapore-based photographer fong qi wei has visualized a series of short animated gifs, which compress a full day — from dawn to dusk — into a single, looped gif. ‘time in motion’ has originally been captured as still images, shot from the same position at various hours of the day. overlooking cityscapes, skyscrapers and ocean panoramas, qi wei snapshots both bustling metropolises — lights in apartments wildly flickering on and off — and serene ocean vistas.  spiraling in infinite circles that fold into each other, or folding in place and dramatically shifting in chroma, the artworks thread together the assorted compositions, bringing them to life through the digital gif format.

shanghai freeway sunrise, 2014

glassy sunset, 2013


tanah lot sunset, 2013

changi beach sunrise, 2013