frodo mikkelsen situates woodland landscapes on silver plated skulls
all images courtesy / © frodo mikkelsen



with the idea of reincarnation in mind, copenhagen-based artist frodo mikkelsen creates intricate landscapes, built on the crowns of silver plated skull forms. using mixed media, mikkelsen intricately crafts whimsical woodland scenes, complete with cabins, bears and lush trees and sets them on the surface of the skull. modeling each miniature panorama requires the appropriation of toys and various items found throughout flea markets, which mikkelsen arranges into tiny vignettes. finally, the structures are plated in silver, transforming the lifeless icon of mortality into a glistening, chrome-colored sculpture. since they are all made from an eclectic mix of locally sourced and found items, each is completely unique and not made in editions. 



silver-skull-landscapes-carved-by-frodo-mikkelsen-designboom-05 silver-skull-landscapes-carved-by-frodo-mikkelsen-designboom-04 silver-skull-landscapes-carved-by-frodo-mikkelsen-designboom-03 silver-skull-landscapes-carved-by-frodo-mikkelsen-designboom-02