danling xiao forms edible arrangements with fruit and vegetable vases
all images courtesy of danling xiao




‘nature itself is already an artist and a designer,’ acknowledges danling xiao on the inherent beauty in the world around us. the sydney-based artist and creator of mundane matters‘ fruit & vegetable vases series is an impromptu and effortless collection of small sculptures made from edible ingredients. ‘I try to keep my materials in their original forms as much as possible to preserve its natural beauty,‘ xiao continues.

fall flowers are contained in a yellow ear of corn vase



from pomegranate to parsnip and eggplant to artichoke, the curious creations easily transform into vases from natural ingredients that already have the capacity to behave as vessels. small buds are carefully positioned inside leaves, kernels and cores of hollow fruits and vegetables, turning food into functional containers that are both practical and beautiful. the series captures the materials, textures, colors and structures found in nature and presents these aesthetic qualities in a novel and delicate fashion.  


‘these small vases present nature in its most thoughtful and functional form, which is often overlooked, as fruits and vegetables are seen as food,‘ xiao says, ‘their beauty is meant to melt in our mouths; it would be a waste if we just contemplate them like how we love the blooming roses in our minimalist designer vases.’

a single white bud is displayed in a leek vase 

green stems are held within the opening of a pomegranate vase 

the base of a purple carrot becomes a hanging vase for a bundle of small white flowers 

the tiny opening of a raspberry holds minuscule baby’s breath flowers

the parsnip vase holds a single red rose 

flowers are contained within a geometrically-peeled eggplant vase 

a small bouquet of tiny buds sits within a banksia plant 

small white flowers are positioned within the leaves of an artichoke