fujiko nakaya hovers FOGSCAPE #47412 at the sapporo art museum
fujiko nakaya: fogscape #47412, 2014
all photos by keizo kioku / courtesy of creative city sapporo, international art festival executive committee




for the sapporo international art festival 2014, japanese artist fujiko nakaya has installed ‘FOGSCAPE #47412’ within the internal courtyard wall of the sapporo art museum. the installation cascades through the architecture of the space, interacting with the wind, slowly shifting in composition, and finally engulfing the museum building as it meanders around the idyllic setting.

fujiko nakaya: FOGSCAPE#47412 sapporo art museum
the fogscape hovers around the sapporo art museum




the veil of fog decodes its surroundings: borders between internal and external areas disappear and the surrounding site becomes fragmented into structural splinters. the volume changes instantaneously and at random, responding to the atmospheric and conditions. perpetually fluctuating in form, the artwork is at once disorienting and serene, as visitors are able to physically experience the dynamic and innate possibilities of the natural world. through the piece, the audience is prompted to rediscover a relationship to the environment and to reconsider the state of the arts of the modern city today. ‘FOGSCAPE #47412′ can be experienced from now until september 28, 2014.

fujiko nakaya: FOGSCAPE#47412 sapporo art museum
as the veil of ephemeral matter moves throughout the space, it begins to decode its surroundings

fujiko nakaya: FOGSCAPE#47412 sapporo art museum
dense fog surrounds trees nearby the museum site

fujiko nakaya: FOGSCAPE#47412 sapporo art museum
the material floats through the museum grounds

fujiko nakaya: FOGSCAPE#47412 sapporo art museum
‘FOGSCAPE #47412’ constantly shifts in response to atmospheric conditions



‘FOGSCAPE #47412’ in action
video courtesy of yuki mukai


about the sapporo international art festival:


SIAF 2014 – the city’s first international art festival – will be held as part of the creative city sapporo initiative over a period of 72 days from saturday, july 19 to sunday, september 28, 2014, under the stewardship of guest director and globally renowned artist ryuichi sakamoto. the theme of the event is city and nature. globally active contemporary artists will contribute to this international art festival, which will provide opportunities for visitors to examine how cities can coexist with nature in the future. during SIAF 2014, a variety of projects will be implemented across sapporo. the entire city and its museums will serve as a stage for the event.