famous figures meet their younger selves in fulvio obregon’s past + present portraits
all images courtesy of fulvio obregon




colombian illustrator fulvio obregon pins past and present against each other for a series of digital drawings named, ‘me and my other self’. the portfolio of illustrations depict celebrities and cultural influencers in two distinct phases of their lives and careers: as young professionals, up-and-coming actors and budding businessmen, and seasoned tech tycoons and media moguls. the two portraits posed alongside various versions of themselves offer a quick visual timeline of each figure, showing the similarities, and differences, of the qualities of the two characters.

young bill gates in a windows XP t-shirt poses alongside the older version we’re more familiar with today

michael jackson as a boy in the jackson 5 alongside his portrait as a pop sensation

a smug expression on robert deniro’s face is evident in both the old and new portraits

paul mccartney as a young beatle member alongside an older image wearing a john lennon t-shirt

mick jagger maintains the same hairstyle and figure as when he was a teen

al pacino as a 20-year-old actor alongside the suited scarface character