germen crew turns mexican neighborhood into a rainbow painted mural
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a low-income neighborhood in mexico is now the talk of the town. germen crew — a youth organization of muralists and street artists — have transformed the village of palmitas into a vibrant rainbow, connecting the community of more than 200 homes through an array of colorful hues.


the group of artists took to the narrow and steep streets that wind throughout the hillside town, individually painting the façades of residences and shops. saturated tones have been applied to the exterior brick surfaces, revealing a fluid and sinuous composition that unites the tightly-packed buildings when viewed from a distance. the project has significantly changed the character of the city, where the outward appearance of the neighborhood now match the colorful and lively personalities and culture of its inhabitants.

germen crew palmitas mexico rainbow painted mural
the neighborhood has been transformed into a colorful and lively space for habitation

germen crew palmitas mexico rainbow painted mural
saturated tones canvass the exterior of individual shops and residences in mexico

germen crew palmitas mexico rainbow painted mural
brick walls have been painted white first, then various rainbow tones

germen crew palmitas mexico rainbow painted mural
the winding streets and steps that lead through the village offer views of the colorful painting




watch the video (in spanish) below to see a documentation of the town and its inhabitants before, during, and after its colorful transformation:



palmitas: el macromural mas grande de méxico por germen nuevo muralismo
video courtesy of yoan beltrán