getty reconstructs famous faces using images from its photo database
all images courtesy of almapBBDO




for its latest global campaign, getty images shows the limitless capacity of a picture, and the depth of its photographic database with the realization of ‘millions of images. endless possibilities’. created by brazilian agency almapBBDO, the film, print, poster and microsite feature the portraits of several famous figures amalgamated in an unexpected way. the faces of angela merkel, prince charles, the dalai lama and pope francis have been meticulously reconstructed using only clippings of creative stills from the getty image index. despite their facial features being collaged from disparate sources, the characters’ portraits are virtually indistinguishable from their actual identity. 


‘four months of extensive research and testing were spent, without using any editorial images, to produce the result. for each face to be recognized, every detail required a massive search, but as getty images has such rich content we were able to find the exact details to the faces that we wanted to portray,’ describes benjamin yung jr, creative director of almapBBDO.

getty endless possibilities campaign
the portrait of pope francis is sourced from various faces

getty endless possibilities campaign
angela merkel is part of the ‘millions of images. endless possibilities’ campaign 

getty endless possibilities campaign
the portrait of the dalai lama is virtually indistinguishable from his actual identity

getty endless possibilities campaign
prince charles has been meticulously reconstructed using clippings of creative stills


project info:


title: millions of images. endless possibilities
agency: almapBBDO
client: getty images
partner/CCO: luiz sanches
executive creative direction: bruno prosperi
creative direction: benjamin yung jr, marcelo nogueira, andre gola, pernil
digital creative director: luciana haguiara
digital head of art: pedro burneiko
copywriter: daniel oksenberg
art director: andre sallowicz
illustrator: vitor fubu, vetor zero print + evandro malgueiro
photography: getty images
web designer: adriel nunes
art buyers: teresa setti, ana cecília costa
production company: vetor zero
direction: gabriel nobrega
audio: satelite audio
music: team satelite
agency producer: vera jacinto, diego vilas boas e fernando yamanaka
project manager: mayra de souza otsuka
technology director: eduardo bruschi
UX designer: caroline kayatt
planning: cintia gonçalves
accounts: daniela gasperini, samia reiter paz
media: carla durighetto
client supervisors: renata simões, susan smith ellis, kjelti kellough