never before seen releases of the urethra postcard series

the lehmann maupin gallery is currently presenting a solo exhibition of never before seen urethra postcard pictures from the uk artists gilbert & george at the armory show in new york.

in 2009, nearly four decades after their first exhibition of postcard art, and twenty years since their last group of pictures to be made in the medium of postcards, gilbert & george returned to the form to make the group of 564 new pieces that comprise the urethra postcard pictures.

this is the single largest group of art works made by gilbert & george, and in turn comprises seven individual groups of new images. lehmann maupin is presenting 52 of these works at the armory show, on now in new york.

for a more in depth biography of the gilbert & george’s work, see our previous article about their show at the tate modern in 2007.

gilbert & george: new urethra postcards postcard series presented at the 2011 armory show

gilbert & george: new urethra postcards selection of the urethea postcard series