‘cameo brooches (3)’ by tarja lehtinen, 2006 (recycled and sandblasted glass, silver, stainless steel)

glasswear museum of arts and design (MAD), new york july 15 – september 20, 2009

the museum of arts and design in new york will begin their latest exhibition glasswear, showcasing the art of glass jewellery. the exhibition begins on the 15th and was made possible with the help of swarovski. designs for glass jewellery by artists from all over the world will be on show. designs using found objects will be displayed along side more traditional glass jewellery from emerging and established jewellery makers. the exhibition aims to showcase the potential of glass as an artistic material both in form and narrative.

http://www.madmuseum.orgglasswear‘ring’ by annamaria zanella, 1996 (plate glass, iron, gold)

glasswear‘brooch’ by jirí sibor, 2004 (cut glass, stainless steel)

glasswear‘fungus vitreus caerulens’ brooch from the substralia series by terhi tolvanen, 2004 (cast glass, tourmaline, silk, hazelnut wood, grape wood)

glasswear‘brooch’ by thomas gentille, 2007 (industrial glass, aircraft plywood, maple, pigment)

glasswear‘brooch’ by markéta sílena, 2005 (cast glass, white brass)

glasswear ‘fragment of life’ necklace by nanna melland, 2004 (blown glass, silver, epoxy, steel) collection of hiko mizuno, japan (photo: otto kunzli)

glasswear‘fragments’ brooch by robert ebendorf, 2006 (broken glass from absolut vodka bottle and beer bottle, metal jar lid, tintype photo)