designboom, with TIVOLI AUDIO, is currently hosting the ‘TIVOLI AUDIO 10th anniversary‘  international graphic design competition.

usually, designboom doesn’t reveal any of the competition submissions until after the short-listed has been selected. however, we’re approaching this competition with TIVOLI AUDIO in a different manner and have decided to share some of the entries with our readers as a kind of ‘sneak peak’.

detail of ‘global sound’ © piia multanen

‘global sound’ by piia multanen from finland, is one of the competition entries.

designer’s own words: ‘TIVOLI AUDIO model 10 is having a party and everyone is invited.’

'global sound' by piia multanen   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry full billboard design © piia multanen

the above image follows the proper measurement requirements, fitting the guidelines of the billboard at the 1535 marriott marquis rotunda mesh face. we invite all participants to carefully read the submission details.

'global sound' by piia multanen   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry model of billboard in context © piia multanen