a full scale panorama of australia’s great barrier reef surrounds visitors to leipzig’s panometer
all images by tom schulze © asisi




within the panometer in leipzig, germany — a visual panorama displayed inside a former gasometer — berlin-based artist yadegar asisi projects a ‘great barrier reef’ onto a giant circular screen, surrounding visitors in imagery of the underwater world of australia’s coral reef. presented at 1:1 scale, the display spans about 3,500 square meters — 32 meters high and 110 meters in circumference — transporting visitors on a visual expedition to the largest coral reef on earth. the hyper-realistic art space shows a vibrant display of colors, the submarine world of corals and sea plants and animals, revealing their interactions through dynamic, changing light conditions.

visitors are immersed an underwater world on a 1:1 scale

the projection spans 32 meters overhead

scenery from of the coral reef off the northeastern coast of australia has been compressed into the space

the imagery shows the submarine world of corals and sea plants and animals

the setting is revealed through dynamic, changing light conditions

a day and night sequence is accompanied by a corresponding soundscape

the exhibition is presented on the largest 360° panorama in the world

photo and film research took place on three trips to the coral reef off the coast of port douglas in australia