‘the harrow held stillness on the crest’, 2009 (acrylic, fabric, foam, paper, pencil, photo transfer, wood)

american artist gregory euclide explores nature through subverted interpretations of idealized landscape paintings. based in minnesota, euclide is also a teacher with an interest in ‘the complexity and interconnectedness of the environment’. this perspective informs his work that in flat paintings as well as relief paintings that integrate a variety of mediums. these works explore nature and cultural expectations of nature constructed through things like landscape painting or wildlife documentaries. euclide aims to show the contradictions in these two views and highlights them through his diverse use of materials.

http://www.gregoryeuclide.comgregory euclide: relief paintings‘walking gave unraveling a plane to spill’, 2009 (acrylic, foam, organic matter, paper, pencil, photo transfer, plastic, satin ribbon, wood)

gregory euclide: relief paintings ‘holding even what was absent in stillness and topography’s remainder’, 2008 (acrylic, paper, pencil, resin)

gregory euclide: relief paintings‘struggling swept canyon’s focus toward tangents’, 2008 (acrylic, pencil, pen, bubble wrap, foam, waxed thread, leaves, photo transfer, on paper)

gregory euclide: relief paintings‘held on history’s material desire’, 2009 (acrylic, cigarettes, foam, milkweed, paper, pencil, plastic, styrofoam)

gregory euclide: relief paintings‘scoring a chorus in the crests that could not be owned’, 2009 (acrylic, bubble wrap, foam, milkweed, pencil, pine cone, plastic, resin, satin ribbon, styrofoam, wax, wood)