dos solares

spanish architecture studio espai MGR‘s ‘habits make us blind’ is a photographic series of work which addresses the vacant lots in downtown valencia, which they pass everyday.

architects’ own words: ‘…like an invisible metastasis generated in the heart of the city and extending to all its arteries. neighborhoods that, although having huge potential, lay unused, not promoting a good means of sustainable development. we recognize this as a typical theme in the central neighborhoods in valencia. sometimes, the tourists are the city’s inhabitants pay attention to the issue at hand for a moment because secondary problems stemming from those spaces implied affect us directly. however, in most cases, they are only a part of daily way of life. this photographic body of work aims to call people’s attention to these neglected spaces. it demands the recreational use of these vacant lots as seen through the eyes of a child, by filling them with impossible constructions, surrealistic installations in line with the problem. (…)’


habits make us blind micalet

habits make us blind no princesa

habits make us blind pou

habits make us blind ruso

habits make us blind tonto

habits make us blind vato