weapons wood, grinding wheel, toast, cable, paper, plastic, rubber image © designboom

the research and development of czech performance group, handa gote, is based on conceptual post-dramatic theater, which alternates with the instrumentation of sound installation, non-verbal and dance theatre, live music, visual theatre and technologies. their work draws heavily on minimalism, eastern philosophy and the ‘do-it-yourself’ movement. their work is a mixture of czech craftsmanship, recycled objects and technologies, in addition to the japanese haiku. handa gote means ‘soldier’ in japanese.

during prague designblok 09, the group exhibited an installation that was an extension of the stage. objects, masks, costumes, instruments, video, and cargo cult, all objects created for handa gote performances were on show.

handa goteweapons, 2009 image © designboom

handa gotetoasted ‘arrows’ image © deesignboom

handa gotedetail of weapons image © designboom

handa gotedetail of weapons image © designboom

handa gotean extension cord… image © designboom

handa gotemoney, 2009 – interactive installation bamboo, banknotes image © designboom

handa gotebanknotes hung from bamboo structure image © designboom

handa gotefreestyle bars collection wood, metal, animal horn, plastic, charcoal image © designboom

handa gotedetail of the various bar attachments image © designboomhanda gote various found objects made into technological devices image © designboom

handa gotea disappointed speaker image © designboom

handa gotereappropriated coffee canister image © designboom

handa gotecomics, 2008 light table, found slides image © designboom

handa gotedetail of comics image © designboom

handa gotea branch of light image © designboom handa goteview of sound installation image © designboom

handa gote soft noises from nature and the urban environment were emitted from the bags and envelopes image © designboom