eva albarrán and christian bourdais — founders of dwelling-focused architectural initiative solo houses — introduce a sprawling gallery space to the rugged landscape of eastern spain. since 2011 the group has worked with young and established architects to populate the remote landscape with small residences. with the latest undertaking, a collection of artists are offered an expanse of natural open-air space to encounter and experiment with work that surpasses what normative contained gallery space has to offer. as part of the initiative, mexican artist hector zamora exhibits a radial, occupiable brick structure entitled ‘truth always appears as something veiled.’

hector zamora solo houses
all images by © iñaki bergera, unless otherwise stated



héctor zamora erects ‘truth always appears as something veiled’ as part of the solo housessummer group show.’ the work is influenced by and expressive of the ancient knidos labyrinth, a radial maze carved in a block of black marble. the project generates a single circular route which leads toward its center and returns with no alternate options or shortcuts — in opposition to those western types which create an intricate network. the layering, perforated brick walls partially obstruct the view both inward and outward, offering a new perception between the hidden and the open. these semi-translucent walls generate a visual permeability which serves to establishes a conceptual contrast with the classic labyrinth typology which comprises walls that entirely obstruct the visitor’s vision, calling for walkers to cross them in search of the center.

hector zamora solo houses
image © solo houses



the solo houses group show transforms the rolling green landscape into an imaginary country called tendre. here, the many stages of love are mapped in the form of pathways and small villages in a topographic and allegorical representation. over the course of this trajectory, a further eight works of art mark stops along the trip through the land of the tendre. héctor zamora’s ‘truth always appears as something veiled’ — first presented in 2016 — occupies the eighth point along the route. 

hector zamora solo houses hector zamora solo houses hector zamora solo houses hector zamora solo houses hector zamora solo houses hector zamora solo houses



project info:


project title: ‘truth always appears as something veiled’ (2016)

artist: héctor zamora

architectural initiative: solo houses

show: solo summer group show  

photography: iñaki bergera