throughout summer 2019, lafayette anticipations in paris presents the experimental textile work of dutch designer hella jongerius. with the exhibition entitled ‘interlace,’ the artist makes use of the building’s performative qualities to transform the interior into a vast, constantly shifting loom — a massive textile studio open to the public. hella jongerius is one of international design’s most influential figures. working from her jongeriuslab in berlin, her theoretical and experimental research explores multiple themes, often addressing the significance of colours and materials. the project she has imagined for lafayette anticipations is centred around textile and weaving.

hella jongerius interlace
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with ‘interlace’ at the paris gallery lafayette anticipations, hella jongerius addresses the reality that textiles have become a disposable product in the world of fast fashion. the exhibition questions the relationship between consumers and textiles along with the cultural, social, and economic implications of textile production and consumption today. over recent decades, many consumers have become less aware of how our textiles are made, while artisanal production techniques are being lost. industrialization, mechanization and globalization have taken textile production away from individual understandings.

hella jongerius interlace



‘interlace’ exposes the viewing public to the textile production process in order to create awareness, revaluation and appreciation for textiles. it shows what consumers don’t often see: the research and experimentation, the tools and materials, the trial and error that are as important as the result itself. throughout the three months of the exhibition, the public will be able to see new textile pieces being woven in the gallery space. on september 6th, 2019 a symposium is to be held at the foundation which will discuss weaving techniques and technologies as well as the social implications of modern textile production.

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exhibition info:


title: interlace, textile research

artist: hella jongerius

date: june, 7 — september, 8 2019

location: lafayette anticipations — fondation d’entreprise galeries lafayette, 9 rue du Plâtre

admission: exhibition: free — events: special rates

opening hours:

monday, wednesday, saturday, sunday: 11 AM — 7 PM

thursday, friday: 11 AM – 9 PM

closed on tuesdays