‘hello kitty with magic stars’ or ‘magic jet’ plane by EVA airways all images © EVA airways




taiwanese airline company EVA air has delved into a collaborative project with japanese toy manufacturer sanrio to decorate the exteriors of three of their planes with the image of cartoon cat character hello kitty. the three distinct feline motifs decorate the fleet of A330-300 airbus aircrafts flying highly-trafficked routes in asia. beginning in taipei’s taoyuan international airport and ending in either sapporo or guam, individuals come take to the air in a ‘magic jet’. the ‘global jet’ design connects hong kong and tokyo to taiwan while ‘apple jet’ planes fly between taipei, seoul and fukoka– each plane shuttling their passengers in totally immersive cute kitten style.


from the moment individuals begin their interaction with EVA air in regards to these particular routes in taipei, the passenger is greeted by EVA air employees sporting hello kitty gear at a bright pink counter. travelers then begin the check-in process with electronic kiosks, light boxes, boarding passes, baggage tickets and identification all covered in the cute saniro character’s likeliness. once having boarded the plane, passengers are seated in chairs with headrests and pillows also picturing the face of the cartoon cat. as flight attendants begin in-flight service, customers have a choice of over 100 items designed specifically for the airlines including meal time, entertainment or toiletrie items to limited edition duty-free products all decorated with the beloved cartoon cat in a red bow.

hello kitty airplane fleet for EVA air the exterior of the ‘hello kitty around the world’ or ‘global jet’ plane

‘hello kitty around the world, the theme of the global jet, depicts hello kitty and her friends amid many of the world’s greatest landmarks. the colorful images are an invitation for travelers to join hello kitty on her exciting travels to far-away destinations.‘ -EVA air

hello kitty airplane fleet for EVA air EVA air’s ‘hello kitty loves apples’ or ‘apple jet’ airplane

‘the concept that inspires the apple jet is hello kitty loves apples. apples care very close to hello kitty’s heart. she is five apples tall and weighs three apples. her favorite food is her mother’s homemade apple pie. depicted along the fuselage of this aircraft are hello kitty and her friends, who happily share their sweet apples with EVA air’s passengers.’ -EVA air

hello kitty airplane fleet for EVA air the interior of the plane is decorated with a head rest cover and multi-colored pillows picturing the cartoon cat’s image

hello kitty airplane fleet for EVA air flight attendants pose with three of the four hello kitty pillow color options provided to passengershello kitty airplane fleet for EVA airthree stewardesses pose with the flight’s hello kitty themed meal optionshello kitty airplane fleet for EVA airsmall and large cups boast the image of the saniro characterhello kitty airplane fleet for EVA aira deck of playing cards pictures hello kitty and her familyhello kitty airplane fleet for EVA aira small in-flight snack picturing the cute cathello kitty airplane fleet for EVA airevery detail of the cartoon themed air service has been decorated in the famous saniro character’s imagehello kitty airplane fleet for EVA airleft: a child’s meal served for flights on the hello kitty fleetright: a stewardess serves a passenger a beverage in a hello kitty apron