henry hargreaves pays homage to the beatles with jello submarine 
all images courtesy of henry hargreaves




the psychedelic, hallucinatory animated feature film ‘yellow submarine’ took the year 1968 by storm. based on the hit song by the beatles, the movie follows john, paul, george and ringo down a rabbit hole of cartoon characters, sea of monsters, and surreal scenarios.


in homage to both the musicians and the movie, brooklyn-based food artist henry hargreaves has completed the ‘jello submarine’ series out of edible, colored gelatin. ‘I’ve always enjoyed toying with people’s expectations when it comes to food,’ hargreaves says. ‘here, viewers might be fooled into thinking they’re looking at a 2D illustration of the beatles’ yellow submarine — but upon closer inspection, they’ll realize the reflective color blocks are, in fact, made entirely of jello.’ stained-glass like panes of set liquid gel form portraits of paul mccartney, john lennon, george harrison and ringo starr, as well as a group shot featuring all four followed by a colorful cast of creatures. 



jello submarine x henry hargreaves: making of
video directed by jimmy pham | 

paul mccartney

john lennon

george harrison

ringo starr

the ‘yellow submarine’ album cover artwork is recreated in jello 

hargreaves forms the faces of the beatles members with plasticine

applying liquid jello to the outline of george harrison 

hargreaves pours yellow liquid jello onto the background of paul mccartney’s portrait 

three of the four beatles members complete 

a reinterpretation of the video animation is recreated with colored jello