herb williams sculpts technicolor animals using thousands of crayons
(above) the ripple effect (detail)
all images courtesy of herb williams






nashville based artist herb williams uses hundreds of thousands of individual crayola crayons in the creation of technicolor animal and object sculptures. meticulously composed from an expansive array of colored sticks, the forms are adhered by bonding the paper that encircles each crayon, not the wax, completely covering the volume that williams carves or casts. layers of waxy rainbow chroma build creatures from a life-sized deer, drinking from a pond to two seated wolves, sharing an arc of crayons in their mouths. thematically throughout the breadth of this work, williams’ sculptures and installations coexist between pop americana and natural wonders, turning the focus of the viewer to environmental issues like wildfires and water conservation. his work will be on exhibit for ‘personal best’ at OZ, nashville on march 20th, 2014.

‘the ripple effect’


herb williams ‘the call of the wild’ / short documentary
video courtesy of jeremy adams

‘entry call’

‘entry call’ 

‘entry call’ (details)

‘color murder’

‘seeking shelter’

‘seeking shelter’ (detail)

‘mixed givings’


crayon sculptures by herb williams
crayon sculptures by herb williams
crayon sculptures by herb williams
crayon sculptures by herb williams