holton rower’s ‘pour’ series is created by dripping paint onto three-dimensional objects

in his ‘pour‘ series, new york multimedia artist holton rower directs and collaborates with the forces of nature, leaving an element of the artistic process to the effects of gravity.

in the studio, rower orchestrates the pouring of successive layers of coloured paint onto three-dimensional objects. the designs that result are in part the effect of careful colour selection, timing, and pouring, and in part the less predictable result of gravity and surface forces on the materials.

video by dave kaufman documenting the creation of rower’s works

holton rower: pour a work in progress

holton rower: pour closer view of the spreading paint

holton rower: pour studio view of another work in progress

holton rower: pour detail view

holton rower: pour closer side view of the top of one of the blocks

holton rower: pour finished pieces for the ‘pour’ series – clockwise from top left: ‘untitled 3ab8n’, ‘untitled 3ab9d’, ‘untitled 4ab7d’, ‘untitled 2ab4a’ – all acrylic on wood, 2010

via theawesomer