know what you’re in for with illustrated condom packages by cloakwork
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packaging is everything, a concept that has yet to reach the condom industry. picking any unknown variety out of the vast options available is nothing more than a roll of the dice; sure, the selected choice could be great, or it could also be the worst decision of your life. coming to the aid of the droves of unlearned shoppers is malaysian illustrator and condom-connoisseur cloakwork, who has unveiled a limited-edition packaging series for various styles of durex condoms.

illustrated condom packaging cloakwork designboom
‘monkeys’, durex select




‘devil’ was made for durex’s love condom. one look and buyers are sure to know they’re in for a slippery evening. greasy hair, mutton chops, cigarette and a pine stripe suit; perfect for those sleazy — read: sensual — nights that could quite possibly result in a hangover and an awkward introduction. doesn’t sound like your flavor? how about orange, banana, strawberry, or apple. ‘monkeys’ — durex select — lets users add a little extra to the excitement. lets just hope that your lover is a bit shyer with the teeth than the four furry characters.

‘snake’, durex close-fit




for those that prefer minor suffocation, there’s the ‘snake’ — durex close-fit. ultra-smooth, and smaller than regular-sized; the ‘snake’ slowly squeezes its prey to death. finish fast or lose a limb, the clock starts now! on the other side of the durex spectrum is the comfort. represented by ‘king kong’, this option is a little on the larger side. special made for situations that are bound to get a little rough, ‘king kong’ won’t break; the same can’t be guaranteed of your partner.

illustrated condom packaging cloakwork designboom
‘king kong’, durex comfort




the durex featherlite takes a different approach. super thin and lightweight, it’s akin to an ‘astronaut’ floating through the depths of space. like a cosmonaut’s suit, it’s best for those who prefer being close, just not too close. what would happen should that space traveler venture into the darkness without a helmet? exactly. complimenting the featherlite, is the no-nonsense durex extra-safe. deemed ‘bomb disposal’ by cloakwork, these thicker than usual condoms are saved for the most extreme situations. better hope the suit is strong, there’s no defusing that bomb.

‘astronaut’, durex featherlite




when both parties are ready to take it up a notch, durex sensation is patiently standing by. the ‘executioner’ is made of dozens of small, raised ribs that, when looked at in the right light, slightly resembles a medieval torture instrument. extreme sensations await for those brave enough to endure. speaking of the dark ages, there’s the durex B close. visualized as ‘twin ogres’, the condom allows both partners to feel the same sensations — via brain telepathy, obviously.

illustrated condom packaging cloakwork designboom
‘bomb disposal’, durex extra-safe




last, but certainly not least, is ‘bad robot’. durex’s performax is catered to those who prefer vastly prolonged sexy time. it’s like kama sutra, except it only takes a trip to the store, and chances are you won’t end up in the hospital with a broken vertebrae. stay in the game, and experience circuit board-frying pleasure. cloakwork’s packaging series is not endorsed by durex condoms. 

‘executioner’, durex sensation

‘twin ogre’, durex B close

illustrated condom packaging cloakwork designboom
‘bad robot’, durex performax



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