while THE BROAD in los angeles may be temporarily closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the museum is still committed to inspiring and fostering an appreciation of contemporary art. through THE BROAD’s new digital initiatives, the institution is offering ways to experience #thebroadfromhome to find inspiration through music, poetry, and conversations (from a distance!), and to stay connected to one another. THE BROAD debuts new content every week, ranging from curator-led talks that delve into artists in the museum’s collection, to a video series that invites poets to respond to specific artworks, emphasizing the bond between visual art and literature.

infinite drone by the broad pairs kusamas infinity mirrored room with ambient and experimental musicians 1
yayoi kusama, infinity mirrored room–the souls of millions of light years away, 2013
image courtesy of david zwirner, N.Y. © yayoi kusama



also as part of #thebroadfromhome initiative, the institution presents the ‘infinite drone’ series, which features deep cuts by celebrated musicians and sound artists from los angeles and beyond. the unique pairings present a new, contemplative way of experiencing THE BROAD’s most popular artwork. viewers can experience an immersive environment of light and sound in the spirit of yayoi kusama’s infinity mirrored room—the souls of millions of light years away. from the comfort of your home, take an opportunity to delve into the spiritual aspects of kusama’s exploration of eternity, paired with aural selections chosen curated by THE BROAD, including drone, electronic, ambient, and pop music. see a selection of videos from the ‘infinite drone’ series below, more here, and follow weekly updates from THE BROAD here.







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name: #thebroadfromhome
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