the kyoto-based illustrator, takeuma tells us more about himself and his work in this short interview.



DB: please could you tell us briefly about your background?
T: I was born in osaka in 1981. I studied illustration at university in kyoto where I still live and work today.









DB: which have been your most satisfying projects to date?
T: magazine covers can be difficult but rewarding – you have to consider that there will be many letters and lots of information shown alongside your illustration. it’s a challenge to express the client’s idea in this very confined and compromised type of space.



DB: how would you describe your style to someone who hasn’t seen your work before?
T: I express ideas with simple lines.



DB: are you able to create concise ideas quickly or is it always a process of reduction and simplification?
T: to create a successful illustration it is necessary to focus on the one central idea you want to express. consequently, I try remove everything that may cause confusion – it’s always an editing process, seeing how much to take out and how much you need to keep to get the right balance.



DB: what tools do you work with to make your illustrations and which is your preferred one?
T: most of the time just pencils and a sketch book, then computer. sometimes pens, paints and craft knives. I do not have any preference on what materials I use it all depends on the piece I’m working on and what I’m hoping to achieve.
















































DB: is there a theme or medium you would like to explore further in the coming years?
T: I would love to concern myself with things that last for long time, instead of advertisements which come and go rapidly.



DB: who or what has been the biggest singular influence on your work?
T: the japanese illustrator, makoto wada.



DB: … and how have online resources, blogs, social media etc. influenced you?
T:  today we can go see so much of the world from our own homes which is incredible, I think the internet has changed everyone’s perspective in that regard and for an artist, that’s only a good thing.



DB: what compels you to draw?
T: the pleasure to create and passion to amuse people.



DB: do you have any superstitious beliefs?
T: no – I only believe in what I see.