ipad people by katsuki nogami exchange faces in berlin and tokyo
all images courtesy of katsuki nogami




cultural identity and technology come together in the ongoing performance art project of japanese artist katsuki nogami, where a handheld tablet serves as the icon of a human face. for ‘yamada taro’s’ first international iteration, nogami has photographed strangers met on the sidewalks of berlin and tokyo using an iPad attached to a performer’s face. projected on the screen, the image — tucked away beneath a hooded jacket and capturing an almost corporal quality — was taken to the city streets suggesting that the strange, semi-cyborgs were living beings. although there is an 8 hours time difference between the two cities, technology allows the image to be visualized in real time, appearing to the international audience as if it was actually there. as the internet grows, and computers make it more and more possible to connect on a global scale, the project aims to demonstrate this societal evolution by allowing two strangers, from different corners of the world to meet, connect and communicate. take a look at the video below to see the project in place: