isaac cordal miniatures address the collapse of capitalism

all images courtesy of isaac cordal




street artist isaac cordal has set a massive public installation of 2,000 miniatures in rubble and ruins, metaphorically reflecting on the collapse of capitalism and its aftermath. ‘follow the leaders’ occupied a vast expanse at place du bouffay in nantes, france, filled with debris and deteriorating rocks. placed amongst the terrain, thousands of small-scale figures dressed in unifying gray business suits are entrenched in what seems like an apocalyptic scene, several cloaked in face masks, others frantically attempting to use their cell phones, some with panicked stares, and holding their heads in bewilderment. cordal asserts that the project ‘is a critical reflection on our inertia as a social mass. representing a social stereotype associated with power compound businessmen who run the global social spectrum.’ surrounded by concrete buildings haphazardly crumbling into heaps of wreckage and remains, the tiny men cowering in corners and desperately trying to make sense of the scene are at once a sharp critique of the current state of the global economy and a mockery of the leaders that govern it.

a miniature businessman attempts to use a cell phone, entrenched in rubble

the small-scale figure panicked at the scene the surrounds him

several businessmen gather around a concrete tattered building

a miniature cowers inside a wrecked structure

a businessman wearing a bank robber’s mask looks over the wreckage

cowering inside a crumbling building, the tiny man metaphorically mocks the business leaders of the economy

a miniature building, clearly torn and tattered in the apocalyptic scene